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Klenz Santiser & De-odouriser

Klenz Ozone Sanitiser & De-odouriser

Klenz Ozone Sanitiser & De-odouriser

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The Klenz Sanitiser is a multi purpose sanitising, deodorising hygiene product.

The Klenz unit was originally designed to sanitise and remove odour from shoes, but due to it's safe, non-toxic properties, it can be used to effectively sanitise and deodorise countless items around the home and work place.

The machines eradicates 99.7% of all bacteria on all surfaces in under 8 minutes using unique nano-silver technology.

It is used in extensively in hospitals and clinics to safely sterilise equipment and in locations such as gyms, sports clubs and swimming pools to allow safe disinfection of items and to prevent cross infection. It is also used in many of the following places:

Nurseries - Sanitise and protect children's toys, dummys, teddy bears, clothing and footwear
Chiropodists - Sanitise patient footwear and prevent re-infection
Hotels - Sterilise hotel service equipment
Bowling alleys - Sanitise and deodorise bowling shoes
Shoe Shops - Keep display shoes fresh and sanitary
Offices & Call Centres - Sanitise keyboards, head set and stationary items
Factories - Prevent cross infection from shared safety equipment

Silver has long been know for it's antibacterial properties. When an item is placed inside the Klenz unit, Nano-Silver ions and ozone are circulated around the sanitation chamber by an ultra quiet in built fan that ensure that every part of the item is treated and that all bacteria is removed.

Use a Klenz unit to sanitize all manner of objects - even electronic gadgets like phones, MP3 players, laptops. One 8-minute cycle inside a Klenz machine provides an incredibly strong anti fungal, antibacterial & deodorising effect - heavily reducing the risk of infection and cross-infection, sanitising and extending the life of items placed inside.

Children's toys and footwear can be a breeding ground for pathogens. So can items we touch everyday such as your wallet or purse - even the money inside it! By 'Klenzing' items the risk of infection is minimised.

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