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Idromed 5 PS Pulsed Current Iontophoresis Machine

Idromed 5PS Pulsed Current Iontophoresis Machine

Idromed 5PS Pulsed Current Iontophoresis Machine

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VAT Declaration - Certified Medical Device

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The Idromed 5 PS is the latest iontophoresis device from Dr Hoenle. This device operates a pulsed current for maximum sensitivity and effect.

Effective Hyperhidrosis Control

Designed to effectively eliminate hyperhidrosis with drug free, non invasive home based therapy. Iontophoresis is widely heralded as the treatment for preventing and controlling excessive sweating on the hands, feet and underams. Treatment of excessive underarm sweating requires underarm electrode pads.

Powerful Home Based Treatments

The Idromed 5PS is a powerful and refined iontophoresis device with simple, single dial controls and clear text LCD display. Widely regarded as the best iontophoresis machine on the market, the Idromed 5 is designed for effective treatment of excessive sweating in the comfort of your own home.

High Success Rates for Sufferers

98% of patients who receive iontophoresis therapy for hyperhidrosis achieve and maintain the desired result. If topical treatments such as antiperspirant treatments have failed then iontophoresis should be at least attempted before undertaking any expensive temporary treatments such as Botullin Toxin, Laser Alabation or ETS surgery.

What's Included?

1 x Idromed 5PS pulsed current base unit
1 x 240v mains power supply
2 x aluminium plate electrodes nickel free
2 x electrode cables
2 x distance grids
1 x shock-proof case of which the two parts of the case are used as treatment trays
Manufacturer 2 year warranty on control unit.
Our 8 Week money back guarantee
Full instructions for use
Free email support for life!

Who cannot use this device?

Fitted with / or?

with a heart pacemaker
with an ICD (implanted cardiodefibrillator)
during pregnancy
with metalliferous Intrauterine devices (Coil)
with metal implants in the area of current flow (arms or legs)
with large skin defects / wounds, which can not be masked with Vaseline
with tumour diseases
with thrombosis
with strongly reduced sensibility of hands and feet (e.g. polyneuropathy)
Children younger than 5 years

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*Iontophoresis VAT exemption clause

*Iontophoresis VAT exemption clause

Important note regarding VAT exemption for private home treatment of Hyperhidrosis.

"This product is supplied as a certified medical device for the private treatment of Hyperhidrosis by the individual purchasing the product and is not intended for professional usage."

VAT is not charged if you can agree to the above statement. Please ensure that you select the correct option at the top of the page before checking out. By selecting VAT exemption you are hereby digitally signing this declaration. If you are unsure then contact us or seek advice from the HMRC website. | Iontophoresis Machines |  Idromed 5 PS Pulsed Current Iontophoresis Machine

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